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The Science of Penis Enlargement


Keeping an erection at its hardest for as long as you can increases blood flow to keep testosterone burning inside the spongy penile tissues. This tissue must have enough of the following hormones in the blood for 20 minutes…


  • For faster healing after the tissues are stretched or expanded
  • How much you have depends on age, sex, diet, exercise, stress, and other hormones.


  • The super stimulating hormone
  • 5% of testosterone ends up becoming the more potent DHT


  • The elastic hormone
  • Regulates hormones and controls cell growth

The external penile shaft will expand in length and width when the spongy tissues become very elastic due to the high level of DHT and PG. The expanding chambers in your penis will allow more blood to expand it further.

This will stimulate the penis into building new layers of cells over existing layers to form a muscular, larger penis. Your cardiovascular capacity will limit the effects that penis enlargement has on your penis size. This is why you can’t grow from 2 inches to 3 inches.

Penis Enlargement Practice Step-by-Step

The end goal for penis enlargement practice is to have high quality erections that can get larger on demand and control ejaculation.  Here is how you get there…

  1. Massage the shaft and the base of the penis for five seconds each to accelerate the metabolism of testosterone, DHT and HGH.
  2. Maintain an erection for at least 20 minutes to fill your penis with enough testosterone, HGH and prostaglandin E1 for expansion. The engorged genitals will continue to pump fresh blood to the spongy tissue for growth. When combined with an increase in testosterone, the nutrients will increase length and girth.
  3. Contract your anus while inhaling. During the 20 minutes you maintain an erection, you will want to perform these breathing techniques to activate growth factors and hormones inside the spongy tissue.

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