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Testosterone Therapy Increases Heart Attack Risk


In men over the age of 65 and in younger men with existing cardiovascular problems, testosterone therapy doubles the risk for a heart attack in the 90 days following the start of treatment. It was only a matter of time before the “low T” quick fix would hit a brick wall. Testosterone therapy is being widely promoted in Western and alternative medical circles that taking hormones can make you more youthful.

The problem is that placing hormones into an inefficient physiology has very unpredictable results, and some of those may be very detrimental to health. Any hormone is likely to work better in your body when your body is working more efficiently. That is why testosterone therapy in younger men without cardiovascular health problems did not cause a major risk for a heart attack.

If you are overweight, then the best way to boost your testosterone is by losing weight. Too much leptin, as is common in overweight people, depresses testosterone. Strength training helps turn on genes that make testosterone. Adequate dietary protein, combined with strength training, helps thyroid, growth hormone, and testosterone all work better in your body.

Dietary supplements that support testosterone formation are usually safe as long as they do not contain inappropriate steroid precursors that force testosterone levels up. For example, the Extream X Plus product does not excessively raise testosterone. It is designed to nourish the adrenals and testosterone system in a way that can provide a rejuvenating effect to a tired system. Such rejuvenation may help raise testosterone levels, but never in an abnormal way.


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