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Natural Way To Maintain Healthy And Shining Teeth


Human beings develop 2 sets of teeth in their lifetime the primary denture which is baby teeth or milk teeth and the permanent denture which replaces the primary set during childhood. There are 20 teeth in the primary set & 32 teeth in the permanent set. In the adult, in each quadrant from the mid-line, there are 2 incisors, canine,cannier premolar & 3 molars.

Each tooth is composed of a crown and one or more roots. The crown is the portion of the tooth, which projects into the oral cavity. Its shape varies from tooth to tooth, depending on its function. The roots of the tooth are the portions, which are contained within the bony socket. The roots are attached to the bony socket by means of the periodontal fibers, which hold the teeth firmly in place. The bulk of the teeth is made up of dentin, but a layer of enamel covers the crown. Enamel is the hardest structure in the body. A thin layer of cementum covers the roots. The tooth has a hollow center which contains the pulp. This holds the blood vessels and nerves of the teeth.

Dental carries

Dental caries is nothing but tooth decay. It is the disease of the hard parts of the teeth, leading to their disintegration. Bacteria are normally present in the mouth. Some of these such as ‘lactobacil’ act on the carbohydrates to break them down first to simple sugar & then to acids. These acids diffuse around the teeth & literally dissolve the minerals resulting in a hole. Holes occurs most frequently in the recessed areas of the teeth where two adjoining teeth meet, in the natural fissures on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth, and on the surface of the teeth next to the gum. These are the areas from where the brush can not remove the ‘plaque’ of bacteria.

Moreover, the bacterial ‘plaque’ is only of the factors in the causation of caries. The structure of the tooth itself influences the occurrence of caries. Tooth decay occurs most readily in stagnation areas, for instance, caries is common in the pits & fissures of teeth. These areas can not be reached by even the fine bristles of the toothbrush & the ‘plaque’ there remains undisturbed despite frequent brushing. Abnormally placed teeth also prevent adequate natural and artificial cleansing & therefore lead to stagnation.

Commander Tooth Powder

Product Features

  • Stop periodontal disease from future advancement by destroying the bacteria which is the primary culprit. Bacteria are present in everyone’s mouth. Some types of bacteria are much more aggressive than others.
  • Quickly stop your Gums from bleeding which can be a definite sign of trouble ahead the earlier the treatment, the more likely long-term success…
  • Reduce inflamed, swollen or bleeding mouth tissue.
  • Reverse Receding Gums to stopping the long in the tooth effect. No one wants to have teeth that look like spikes in their mouth by slowing reversing gum loss you can reduce the effect of long in the tooth.
  • Reduce the size of PERIODONTAL POCKETS the areas where the jawbone has been eroded away by the disease process
    Maximum strength. Clinical formula.
  • The concentrated PeriO2 & zincRx formula.
  • Invigorating natural minty taste.
  • No alcohol. No messy mixing.
  • No messy mixing.

Herbal Remedies for Tooth Pain and Bleeding Gums – Gingivitis – Gum Inflammation
Commander Gum Paste

We all know that it is better to prevent a problem than to try to correct it, and the same is true with gum disease. It is much easier to prevent gum disease, than it is to try to deal with it once you have it. In fact, some people have gum disease, but have no idea until it has already caused some significant damage. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to make certain that you focus on dental care, not only for yourself, but for every member of your family. If you can teach your children the importance of dental care and a good routine when they are young, it may just stick with them when they reach adulthood as well.

Gum disease is mostly caused by plaque and bacteria build up in the mouth, which can be prevented with good dental care. So, to prevent gum disease, you have to learn how to care for your teeth properly, and make certain that you do it on a daily basis.

Experience the difference within 7 days

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Our Commander Tooth Powder helps cleanse and whiten teeth, remove plaque, soothes and prevents inflammation of the gums, helps heal mouth sores and every other adverse oral health condition, and helps to freshen the breath The herbal ingredients of Commander tooth powder are known to the Indian subcontinent for centuries. It is a unique blend of edible herbs without any side effects. It is safe for children.
Commander tooth powder prevents tooth decay and cures pyorrhea, swollen gums, bleeding gums and inflammation of gums, It is also used in hardening of gums and teeth, cleansing and healing of wounds and on tooth-ache. This formula has been used historically to help strengthen the gums (bleeding and pyorrhea-type infections of the gums), and assist in tightening loose teeth. This type of tooth powder will brighten tooth luster and make for a healthier mouth.

These are non-toxic, free from side effects and are offered in various packaging to cater to diverse requirements of clients situated all over the world. Known for high shelf life, Commander tooth powder can be availed at most competitive price. It helps tighten gums so that teeth will not be loose. It helps with sore, swollen or inflamed gums, with sore mouth, pyorrhea, calculus, gingivitis and many other tooth, gum and mouth disorders.

Commander tooth powder is the most effective natural tooth powder on the market and consists of 100% herbs, including Neem and Peelu, Nature’s toothbrush trees. The formula also contains Black Walnut Hulls, an antiseptic that helps protect tooth enamel; White Oak Bark, a strong astringent and antiseptic that protects the gums and prevents inflamed gums and bleeding gums; Carbon, which is the best all-natural tooth whitener and cleaner; and Bayberry and Cranesbills, powerful anti-bleeding agents that stops bleeding almost instantly.

natural herbal treatment to cure ptria and its symptoms

Commander tooth powder is an ideal tooth powder, which has a blend of unique herbs that has anti-bacterial and deodorant properties. Commander tooth powder is useful in bleeding & swollen gums. Commander tooth powder when used regularly helps to prevent deposition of tartar. Commander tooth Powder has natural mouth freshener.
Commander tooth powder is a magical treatment for shining and strong teeth and gums. This treatment of Commander tooth powder is almost 300 years old; it comprises 20 different rare extracts. By the use of this, you can treat all the aforementioned tooth problems, other than that people who use tobacco and cigarettes and in turn damage and discolor their teeth can also bring back the shine, luster and strength in their teeth and gums. It keeps your mouth clean. It is highly antiseptic, strengthens the gums and the teeth. It also enables the shaking teeth to get well settled in the gums. Use it every morning as a tooth powder
This is a unique formulation of natural ingredients that provide complete and lasting protection to your gums and teeth. As in brief neem fights germs, vajradanti tightens gums to close gaps. Meswak and babool prevents bleeding of gums. This is useful in gingivitis, toothache, bad breath & spongy bleeding gums.

Features Of Commander Tooth Powder

  • It strengthens the gums, as a result of which discharge of pus mixed with blood gets stopped
  • It is refreshing, simulative, diaphoretic, stomachic, and antispasmodic.
  • It removes out the food-particles from teeth
  • It removes foul smell of the mouth.
  • It is boon for all pyorrhea patients.
  • It makes teeth healthy & shining.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Commander Tooth Powder?
Commander Gum Powder formula safely lifts off yellowing surface stains to restore the natural whiteness of your smile. It is the best herbal toothpowder for pyorrhea.

Q. Is Commander Tooth Powder a prescription product?
No, Commander Gum Powder is available without a prescription.

Q. When should I see positive results from Commander Tooth Powder?
You should see results immediately – depending on the severity of your dry mouth condition it may take up to ten days.

Q. Can anyone use Commander Tooth Powder, even if they don’t have Dry Mouth?
Absolutely, Commander Gum Powder natural enzymes are normally found in saliva and are essential in preventing cavities and gingivitis while promoting a healthy oral flora.

Q. Do I have to rinse after using Commander Tooth Powder?
Yes. However, unlike other toothpowder, you need only rinse once after using Commander Tooth Powder. It does contain fluoride, which is not recommended to swallow.

Q. How effective is Commander Tooth Powder?
Very, it carries the important natural herbs to cure pyorrhea.

Q. What is the ethical approach like at Commander Tooth Powder?
We were delighted to be awarded the accolade of Ethical Consumer Best Buy recently. We do our best to make our project as positive as we can.

Q. I’m having homeopathic treatment. Is Commander Tooth Powder suitable?
If your homeopath prefers you not to use mint toothpaste, our toothpowder will be ideal.

Q. Will my children like it?

Q. Will it get my teeth clean?
It will. Commander Tooth Powder comes with the important IDA approval which states that our tooth powder is a valuable aid to pyorrhea and oral health.

Q. Does Commander Gum Powder have all of the benefits of other toothpowder?
Yes, Commander Gum Powder fights cavities, whitens teeth and reduces plaque.

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