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Penis Anatomy | How Erections Work | Penis Enlargement


Penis Anatomy

The anatomy of the penis is highly complex. This is the male organ of coitus or intercourse or the act for re-productivity. It is basically comprised of two cylinders of sponge-like vascular tissue called Corpus Cavernosa that fill with blood to create an erection. Blood is pumped into the penis under pressure and a series of valves keep it in the penis to maintain the erection. A third cylinder is the urethra, a tube that carries the urine and the ejaculation fluid. Blood flows to the penis by two very small arteries that come from the aorta in the heart. The head of the penis is called the Glans.

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The tip of the penis is known as glans. It is an expansion of the corpus spongionsum. The base of the glans, projects out from the main body of the penis and this projecting margin is called corona.


This gland appears to be a sexual organ, since in animals that have seasonal sexuality, the prostate enlarges during the mating season and then shrinks until the next. In the adults human male, it is about 4 CM, across as its base and is the size of a chestnut. The prostate is composed of muscular & glandular tissue. It’s secretions pass down about 20 small ducts, which lead to the section of the urethra that, pierces the prostate gland, but their purpose is not yet fully understood.


This is the mixture of secretions from the prostate seminal vesicle & spermatozoa from the testes. When a man reaches climax, semen starts coming out of the penis with pressure. Each time in two days about 2 to 6 ml semen comes out when man reaches orgasm this is the elixir of re-productivity and semen contains sperms.

Scrotum or scrotal

This is the sack behind the penis scrotum is part of the male genitals this is thin walled soft muscular pouch underneath the penis containing two compartment to hold the testicles which manufacture a man’s sex cells called sperm and the male sex hormone called testosterone. The testicles feel solid but a little spongy like hard boiled eggs without the shell. They hang (connected) to a cord called the sperm-tic cold that consists of blood vessels tubes nerve & muscle fibers. Under certain conditions such as exercise, exposure to cold and sexual arousal in particular the muscle fibers in the scrotum cause the entire sac to contract & wrinkle up drawing a the testicles closer to the body. In response to heat or total relaxation the scrotum becomes very loose & soft with a smooth surface and the relaxed muscle fiber cause the testicles to hang farther from the body.

A male’s scrotum is very sensitive to touch and can be a source of sensual pleasure. Some man enjoys having their scrotum stroked & fondled during sexual activity with their partner. A little massaging of scrotum from underneath, cupping the testicles in the palm of the hand is often sensually pleasing to a male. Some men report that they have learned to delay an impending ejaculation generally pulling down on their testicles. This is one technique used in Tantric intercourse to prolong the sexual experience.

Penis Ligaments

Ligaments are a sheet of tough, fibrous tissue that connect at a joint or support an organ. There are two main ligaments that support the penis: the fundiform ligament and the suspensory ligament. They are both located in the region of the pubic bone. The main function of the ligaments is to keep the penis and the scrotum properly positioned.

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Testes are a large number of tightly packed coiled tubes. This is where sperm is produced. Sperm production takes about two months, but it’s a continuous cycle. A typical male produces several hundred million each day. This sperm production process is called Spermatogenesis. Sperm that is not ejaculated is then broken down and reabsorbed by the body.

The testicles found inside the scrotum pouch, the pouch is divided into two smaller pouches each containing one testicle with its epididymis. An epididymis is connected to the testicle and over lies it like a cap. It contains a very large amount of microscopically small tubes.

Testes also contain cells that secrete the male sex hormone testosterone. Spermatozoa are among the smallest and most highly specialized cells in the body. All the genetic material that is transmitted from a father to its baby is found in each sperm head. The nucleus is covered by a specialized enzyme coating that enable the sperm to break down the covering of the egg and permit entry should contact occur. Each sperm has a mid-piece and an elongated tail that helps it swim in its quest to fertilize the closest female egg.

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