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Herbal Treatment To Prevent Night Emissions


Night Emissions

The problem of ejaculation during sleep is known as nightfall or wet dreams problem. It is also called Night emission or night discharge. It is also known as nightfall.Although adult bed-wetting is uncommon, it does happen and quite often the reasons are often simple and easy to remedy.

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This problem is more profound in male however in female also this problem may arise by way of lubrication of vagina. The problem is mostly found in early young age just after puberty. In some cases the ejaculation may happen without an erection. Normally the people wake up during or after the process. In male after emission of semen, very rarely, urination may also occur. Mostly nightfall is accompanied by erotic dreams. Though the medical reason for the wet dreams problem is not well known, the excessive thought of sex have a bearing on this problem. Occasional night discharges are not a disease but if it happens frequently, it is undoubtedly injurious to ones health. To avoid frequent nightfall young men should not see nude photographs and not read sexual literature, which arouses their sexual feelings. Do not take hot milk at night. In the morning to walk bare foot on green grass is very helpful for those who have frequent night discharges.

Most people stop urinating in their bed before the age of six (hopefully). Still many young teenage boys, and even some men, waking up in the middle of the night with wet sheets and underpants. They experience something called nocturnal emissions, or “wet dreams.” Nocturnal emission is the technical term for the experience of having an orgasm and then ejaculation while sleeping. There is a difference between nocturnal orgasms and nocturnal emissions, because males can have a nocturnal orgasm (a sexual climax) without ejaculating (an emission of fluids, including semen). Females have nocturnal orgasms as well, but there is no emission (as explained in another section). The important thing to understand is that there is nothing wrong with a male if he experiences a nocturnal orgasm or nocturnal emission, as they are normal and healthy experiences.

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The only problem with a nocturnal emission we can think of is the wet spot it leaves. Starting between the ages of 10 and 12, males begin going through the process of puberty. During this stage, teenage boys start to produce sperm and gain the ability to ejaculate. It is at this time that most males experience nocturnal emissions, sometimes even before they learn about masturbation. While sleeping, the male’s genitals may rub against the bed or sheets, or he may unknowingly stimulate them himself. When this happens, the male may become so sexually aroused that he has an orgasm (even if he is not awake to enjoy it!), along with a nocturnal emission. A boy’s first nocturnal emission tends to cause the most confusion and worry. Most parents don’t tell their sons what orgasms and ejaculations are before hand. Therefore the first nocturnal emission is something that the adolescent boy is unfamiliar with. He may think something is wrong with his body:

While clearing ones bowels semen starts passing before or after urination, is called spermaorrhoea. In the beginnings it falls only when one urinates or puts pressure at time of passing stool. Slowly the falling develops before or after one urinates, if this situation continues, the patient gets weaker even after having rich meals. In the chronic stage he loses the brightness of youth. When he feels excited, it falls in excess and his male organ (Penis) very soon gets loose. Women hate such type of persons, but due to shyness she keeps mum. The patient is neither in a position to satisfy his wife nor himself but desires for sex always.

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Having nightfall is considered to be a natural phenomenon and is not recognized as a medical disorder. However, excessive nightfall or nocturnal emissions may create various medical conditions like hormonal disorder, problem of weak erection, erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, emotional upset, insomnia, dizziness and stress. Normally if nightfall occurs more than twice a week it should be considered a symptom of disorder and it should be treated by taking herbal supplements, doing exercises and reducing mental stress.

Excessive nightfall treatment is very important to avoid problems like sexual weakness, low sperm count, premature ejaculation and semen leakage. Extream-X Capsule is a herbal supplement made of unique combination of time-tested and trusted ayurvedic herbs which are capable of treating the psychological and physiological reasons of nightfall problem all together. All the herbal ingredients present in Extream-X Capsule plays important role in treating the root cause of the problem.

Causes of Nightfall or Night Emissions

1. In experiment and survey it is found that most of the cases of nightfall are accompanied with erotic dreams. Hence nightfall is also termed as wet dreams problem. It is natural to have an erection during sleep.

2. Sometimes the softness of mattress or pillow used during sleep can also cause stimulation to male organs. Memory or excessive thinking of activity may play a role in having arousal during sleep.

3. Normally the wet dreams problems are not noticed during period when the person is active in play or masturbation. However, no concrete relationship is found between frequencies of both acts.

4. The process of production of semen in male is a continuous process. However the body cannot hold on semen beyond a limited quantity. If a person remains abstain from or masturbation for a long time, the body finds nightfall as a way to dispose of the excess built-up semen.

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Extream-X Capsules

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Since Old age Times Unani has been considered to be the best answer to all kinds of male Sexual Problems. It is with an eye on this efficacy of Unani Presented you a Product for your sexual problems.(Night Emissions)

Extream-X (which means ‘Warrior" or "Strong") is a specially formulated all herbal formula containing selected phytoceutricals and adaptogens to optimize male sexual functioning, boost sexual performance and counteract the effects of modern living, drugs and environmental pollution.

Extream-X capsule is specifically prepared to cure spermatorrhea, nightfall and general weakness problem. It is prepared after a long clinical research to ensure that it provides maximum satisfaction to its customers by providing consistent quality and performance.

Extream-X capsule is a natural product prepared from Ayurvedic herbs. It is completely safe and natural product without any adverse side effects. It helps an individual to gain confidence and boost lovemaking performance. Extream-X capsule is the best natural product recommended for nocturnal emission, spermatorrhea and premature ejaculation. It helps to restore the healthy sexual functions naturally. All ingredients of this product are natural herbs that are completely safe.

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Extream-X capsule is considered to be the single most effective herbal formulation that helps to prevent and cure premature ejaculation and wet dreams. The herbs and nutrients combined in it help to improves the broad-spectrum vitality and overcome the health problems of male. It also helps to enhance the function of the testicles, seminal vesicles and sperm ducts. It provides strength to the testicular muscles. Extream-X capsule acts as a curative and nervine tonic and help to boost up the male reproductive system and energizes the whole body.

Extream-X capsule is a peerless herbal formulation that is clinically researched and is regarded as an effective and safe product in all major problems of male fertility where modern medicine offers little hope. It is an effective natural solution for the enhancement of total sperm count and motility.

Extream-X capsule for nocturnal emissions have become very popular lately. Men are finally convinced that these are the best option for ending nocturnal emissions because they are safe and don’t have any side effects. Their properties fight both nocturnal conditions and their symptoms. Extream-X capsule for nocturnal emissions put an end to these “episodes”, strengthen your reproductive system, the muscles and the nerves involved in ejaculation, balances testosterone levels, increase blood flow and make you feel generally better, more energetic and powerful. Men that are taking them almost forget that this is a treatment. They improve their sexual experiences and make them feel great in bed.

Features Of Extream-X Capsule

  • Increased Blood Flow to Your Penis
  • Unleash and Stabilize Your Testosterone Levels
  • Balances the Sex Hormones in Your Blood System
  • Achieve stronger and more pleasurable ejaculation
  • Calms Your Nerves to Stop Performance Anxiety
  • Boost arousal and desire
  • Helps to control your climax
  • Delays Your Ejaculation
  • Increases Your Energy, Stamina, and Endurance

Herbal supplements for nocturnal emissions like Extream-X capsules can contain herbs with multiple properties. Some of them are rich in vitamins and minerals and nourish the reproductive system; others balance testosterone and others improve blood flow in the genital organs. Herbal supplements might also contain herbs that reduce stress and herbs that act as male enhancers. These are used to combat the side effects of nocturnal emissions which might include sexual weakness and exhaustion, leaking semen and low libido.

It is best to take Extream-X as an herbal supplement that contains a blend of herbs with different properties so that you can address all the causes and symptoms of night emissions. Keep yourself as stress free as you can during the treatment because stress can slow down your progress and can sabotage the effect of herbal supplements.

Extream-X Capsule Ingredient Information

Our herbalist have selected most effective herbs for Controlling Nightfall and premature ejeculation. Extream-X Capsule is known as best herbal remedy for Night Emissions and premature ejaculation. Composition of Extream-X Capsule given below.

Ingredients Quantity
Withania Somnifera 100 mg
Mucuna Pruriens 100 mg
Asparagus Racemosus 100 mg
Zingiber Officinale 25 mg
Cuscuta reflexa 25 mg
Anacyclus Pyrethrum 20 mg
Curculigo Orchiodes 20 mg
Hyoscyamus niger 20 mg
Black Bitumen
20 mg
Myristical Fargrans 20 mg
Glycyrrhiza glabra 20 mg
Orchis Latifolia 10 mg
Eclipta alba 10 mg.
Nigella Sativa 5 mg.
Crocus Sativa 5%

All these herbs used in Extream-X Capsules are collected from various countries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there any side effects of using Extream-X Capsule?
No, there are not at all any side effects of using Extream-X Capsule. You need not follow any special prescription for using this medicine.

Q. What are Extream-X Capsules?
Extream-X Capsules is very useful sexual weakness. It is Safe, natural, and improves sexual health and acts as a rejuvenatory to increase stamina, vigour and vitality.

Q. Is Extream-X Capsule addiction free?
Yes, it is absolutely addiction free.

Q. What is the direction of use?
One capsule twice a day with milk.

Q. How many times Extream-X Capsules can be used?
The beyond belief action to increased power is specialty of this capsule. All you need to do is follow the instructions printed on the box.

Q. If I am not satisfied with the results, what will happen?
Extream-X Capsule is sold with money back guarantee. Though it is impossible that this capsule does not do miracles for you, but if you still find yourself not satisfied with the results you can send back the packing of this medicine to us with an explanation as to why be you not satisfied with our product. We will refund your money deducting postal and shipping charges.

Q. After using Extream-X Capsules, how much time it takes to see the results?
When you start using Extream-X CAPSULES, with in some days you will see the result. Increases Your energy, Stamina, and Endurance.

Q. Is Extream-X Capsule effective for every one?
This capsule has proved effective on all men of age from 18 to 70 years. This capsule has proved to be a boon for 100% men till date. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?

Q. How much time it takes to get Extream-X Capsules?
We make sure that this excellent product from our pharmacy reaches you within 5-10 days in any part of the world.

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