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Treatment To Cure Impotence Naturally


Impotence or erectile dysfunction is the condition in which the male organ does not have the proper erection to have a satisfying sexual act (Inter-course). The person loses his retention power or gets discharged without any satisfaction for him or his partner and some times the penis loses the capacity of erection.

Impotence is a very common problem that affect 20 million (approximately 1 out of 5) in world over many many more million are suffering from this. According to a prominent unani practitioner & researcher almost all men some time or other experience erectile dysfunction. Impotence is the result or a single or more commonly a combination of multiple factors. At one time impotence was thought to be the result psychological problems but we now know that 90% of the cases are organic in nature. Some of the many causes of impotence include diabetes, high blood pressure, heart and vascular disease, stress, hormone problems, pelvic surgery, trauma, venous leak and side effects of frequently prescribed medications.

Although most men occasionally experience short-lived or partial erections the persistent inability to achieve and maintain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse makes a male impotent many men wonder if this condition is temporary and will go away by itself or of it is something to be concerned about. It is impotence for a man to be able to tell the difference between an occasional failure (A common problem) and a more serious problem in deciding whether you need medical help ask yourself the following questions: –

The impotent man has a desire for intercourse but he is helpless since his penis does not have an erection. The genital organ will become a paralyzed part of the body. Even if he achieves some erection he discharges before intercourse. This disorder ruins the married life. The ill effect of impotence not only befalls on man only. His wife becomes very much disappointed & the frustrated. Not only the satisfaction of the sexual desire but the desire of having a child is more impotence to her. To fulfill this desire she flirt away and end into the hands of other man by which a heaven like home will turn into a hell.

Our cure for impotence is a course of treatment consists of rare herbs & minerals combination of unani system. Our treatment is proven effective in innumerable cases resulting in complete result to normalcy. Once strong erections are restored they are almost always long termed and there are no side effects. These courses of treatment for impotency are tailor made for each person depending on their individual requirements.

Hard Rock Capsule (Rock Solid Performance)

Strengthens and Tones the Sexual Glands, Rejuvenation to increase vigor & stamina
Treatment for Male Sexual Dysfunction

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Hard Rock Capsule is a treatment for ‘Male Sexual Dysfunction’ such as

    1. Erectile Dysfunction; also known as failure of erection or impotence
    2. Less output of semen

    3. Poor ejaculation control
    4. Short lasting erection
    5. Premature ejaculation
    6. Painful intercourse
    7. Loss of sexual desire

  • Non – Hormonal and safe sex-stimulant
  • Acts on hypothalamus and limbic systems to improve libido
  • Improves and helps to maintain erection
  • Anti-stress, adaptogenic actions helps to alleviate anxiety associated with sexual performance

Hard rock capsule is a magic herbal supplement of the new millennium. It is most stimulating, vitalizing and harmless herbal sex supplement for men. Hard rock capsule rekindles passion and enhances the amount of libido. The capsule has been prepared with the essence of most precious natural herbs processed under Ayurvedic discipline of medical science. There are no side effects of Hard rock capsule.

Herbal Supplement Hard rock capsule helps to overcome erectile dysfunction issues, small size erections or weak erections and poor self-image. It gives a full erection to men and regular use of Hard rock capsule helps to get the full size erections. It Increases the circulation and energy, enabling you to achieve your maximum size!!

Hard rock capsule is said to correct erectile dysfunction by relaxing the cavernosal muscles naturally that in turn, results in increase in penile blood flow. Using Hard rock capsule regularly, one can get good and enough erection of the penis that will last long naturally. The ingredients used in Hard rock capsule helps in erectile dysfunction and to certain extent, it also helps curing premature ejaculation. Hard rock is also said to have properties to increase libido and to improve the sexual thoughts. It helps male to last long for foreplay and it can add new zeal to the sexual life.
Hard rock capsule produces instant improvement in every aspect of sex and gives faster arousal, astonishing hardness, super potency and ultimate control. It is better than pharmacy capsule in market. It has no side effects.

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Hard Rock Capsule Ingredient Information

Our herbalist have selected most effective herbs for this Erectile dysfunction Disease. Hard Rock Capsule is known as best herbal remedy for Erectile Dysfunction and impotence. Composition of hard rock capsule given below.

Ingredients Quantity
Withania Somnifera 100 mg
Tribulus terrestris 100 mg
Mucuna pruriens 100 mg
Orchis mascula 100 mg
Asphaltum 50 mg
Hygrophila spinosa 50 mg
Myristica fragrans 25 mg
Quercus incana 25 mg
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