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Gold Ash Powder


GOLD Ash Powder – The Golden Medicine

U Shein Sayargyi has been using the centuries old tradition of alchemy to produce gold ash powder, a remedy that he claims “is able to improve significantly or even heal serious diseases (like hepatitis, cancer, and AIDS).” He`s thoroughly tested his remedy over several years through his own practice and through sales of the product to other health practitioners and individuals.

How Gold Ash Powder works

Since gold ash powder is created through a combination of material, spiritual, and secret alchemistic techniques, the healing process is caused by a number of factors working synergistically, such as the healing properties of the metals, the four elements, and the effect of time

Within one year all cells in your body are completely remade. Gold ash powder penetrates every single cell of the body, and supports and accelerates this process. The main difference between modern medicine and gold ash powder is that it is auto-reactive. When something is unwanted in your body it will be removed. When something is lacking it will be completed. Gold ash powder has no side effects and it`s not possible to overdose on it.  The gentle substance is safe to ingest, even for pregnant and breast-feeding mothers, children and animals.

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