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Sexual Health Centre How Female Bodies Work


In female Sexual response, four stages are used to describe the physical changes that happen when a woman is sexually excited. These changes may occur when a woman masturbates or when she is sexually active with another person. What is exciting is unique to each woman. Some women are aroused when their breasts are fondled; other women hate this kind of touching. Learning what kind of physical contact you enjoy is an important part of learning about your sexual self. When you have sex with another person, there are also many emotional and social factors that will affect your physical experience.

Unani & Ayurvedic medicines has hit the headlines around the world, with eminent people spreading about the remarkable power of the ancient system of natural health & realizing now we have applied the principle of unani system to produce new range of natural beauty preparations. Though unani system is very much effective, we do not live in the past, we have combined the ancient unani tradition with the latest clinical research to formulate products which you can really trust. As no two people have the same skin or hair type, the range has been designed to cater for as many individual requirements as possible. All our products/ preparations are derived from pure herbal plant ingredients. Due motto it is beautiful to use nature not to abuse it.

We treat falling hair, dandruff, acne, pigmentation, aging and above all tension. beauty lies in herbs tells Hakeem . Others are selling a cosmetic. We are selling a civilization in a jar. Unani, the ancient science of health provides skin care, body care and breast care with the help of plants, herbs, fruits, trees, roots & soil. Beauty is 70%mental state and body fitness cosmetics only help 30%. unani as we know is based on the theory of humors of ‘dum’ Balgham & safra. Disease arises when there is substance among the three doshas and the aim of therapy is to bring about the equilibrium.

The unani treatment being carried our systematic programs that help to achieve the perfect balance that is requested for perfect health, so that the body is free from disease and the mind free from stress. The treatments have been employed to cure various ailments, apart from revitalizing the body’s metabolic process in other words they help to renew and revitalize both body & mind and also activate the body’s inherent curative powers. Herbal oils & medicament that have potent curative powers them selves are used in the various treatment, while the methods of treatment improves the body’s absorption & response to therapy.

Beauty is a combination of internal & external factors and to be beautiful externally the insides have to be cured first. We believe that skin & hair are external barometers of internal barometers of internal body condition.Our herbal treatments have an indefinite shelf life because of the properties of natural of preservatives like Turmeric, Sandal, Wood oil & Neem. Cures may be somewhat slow unlike surgery but without after effects or negative reactions of a surgical knife & allopathic medicine. Our various skin & scalp treatments are here indeed was the answer for long lasting beauty if we wish to assimilate it the our life styles.

A perfect blend of internal & external beauty by coming closer to the nature not running away from it. For if you were to run away perhaps you would get lost in the whirl wind of the western cosmetics culture which might do do more damage than one can realize. The strength our herbal philosophy lies in nature- Almonds, Olives, Mint, Tulsi, Saffron, Sandalwood, even green chilies, don’t be surprised and these things never do any harm. We Never Prescribe Any Product Or treatment without studying the individual cases and our wide range & variety of health & beauty treatment courses can cater to all parts of your body as well as all climates.

Relaxing with herbals, invest time in yourself relax & revive any nervous tension with the emanating aromas of herbal & plant extract oils. This promises to up lift your mood relax muscles & reduce stress. No woman is born ugly and very few women are born beautiful most of them acquire beauty and spend the rest of their lives striving untiringly to maintain it.Synthetic cosmetics do more harms than good for women to maintain their beauty of breasts.

Natural is the best. Our products & treatment applications contain Sandalwood oil, Seashells, Dates, Peaches, Apricots, Honey, Cabbage, Carrots, Cucumbers, Potato, & Eggs in addition to almond oil & Amla an Indian herb. A combination of right herbs help in skin care moisturizing the skin while protecting texture and roses lilies & other flowers provide fragrance to add luster to dry and dull skin. Our herbal extract cream firm ups the skin and work as an anti wrinkling agent. Our remedies originated in the kitchens of Mughal homes Cucumber lemon milk honey eggs & yogurt are some of the ingredients suggested to quick cleanser moisturizers & skin softeners. As our clinic situated at foothills of Himalayas our herbs & plants come from the Himalayas. The age less Himalayas with their giant snow capped mountain peals have stood for centuries as sentinels in silent witness to the changing times. They are a symbol of eternal beauty. The Himalayas have given us a wealth of plant life, in the form of herb fruits & flowers with incredible properties yielding to us some of the most precious ingredients. Their virtues have been extolled in our ancient Vedic texts and they have become a part of the Indian herbal tradition of unani.

We in breast treatment clinic with the guidance of prominent unani physician bring the essence of natural cosmetic care & treatment combining the vitality of the Himalayan herbs with the ancient system of unani the forever beautiful Himalayan herbal treatment not a new clock to measure the passage of time, but a like of unani formulations & treatment courses rich with ancient herbs that have been known for centuries for their miraculous anti aging properties. These fabled formulations were known to work as virtual elixirs of youth. Somewhere within the living cells of each human being is locked up the fascinating mystery of the individual aging process & rate of aging. Our herbal treatments are specially designed to control and delay the manifestation of aging sings on the skin & hair.

Our unani herbal treatment & applications are dedicated to eternal youth & ageless beauty. Women of today compete more aggressively with men ever before in every field and even outsmarts him. Yet in their health related problems they need a specific attention, special care and understanding. To help them, we have dedicated few pages for the women of today. Let them go through these pages and can able to solve their problems without difficulty. Here we discussed particular health problems of women.

We offer, unani herbal treatments for all the ailments & disorders where ever possible. Over more than 70 years of Unani herbal treatment experience,behind us and with our traditional knowledge we approach every subject with careful analysis. We hope modern women will appreciate our effort and benefit from our site.

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