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Frequently Asked Questions


You read a magazine here & a newspaper there. You watch TV & browse through pamphlets and brochures as you wait for appointments. When it comes to health matters, up to date information may come in bits and pieces and that can be frustrating at times.

Take questions concerning breast care and breast problems, for instances. Even though you probably have read about it in lots of places, you still may be fuzzy on certain details. The first question is as under mentioned.

Q. What causes stretch marks on the breasts?

Stretch marks apparently are due to alterations in the elastic fibers of the Skin. Oddly enough, they do not occur in every one. Some women are susceptible to stretch marks with weight gain and pregnancy, while others are not.

Q. Is there anything we can do to make stretch marks go away?

Yes, unani herbal oils & ointments if applied regularly, can help you to remove stretch marks.

Q. Can anything be done to prevent breasts from sagging?

Good bra support will help prevent the problem. The bra should not bind but should limit the breast motion to the body. The bra should have non-elastic wide straps, and the back strap should be wide and low. Bra cups should be cotton (not a synthetic) and the material should be both non-allergic and non-abrasive. Generally, under wires in the bra also are not recommended.

Q. Does severe breast injury, increase the chance of developing breast cancer?

Breast injury does not increase the chances for breast cancer.

Q. Explain that obesity & breast cancer are some how linked?

Researchers have found that a diet high in fat makes a woman more susceptible to breast cancer. In other words, the fatter she is, the more likely she is to develop breast cancer. The fatty nature of breast tissues combined with circulating hormones makes the breasts more vulnerable to the harmful influence of cancer causing substances (carcinogens) that enter and circulate throughout the body. Fat-soluble carcinogens are easily stored and recycled not only by breast fat but also by total body fat. Consequently, it’s to a woman’s advantage to reduce her fat intake and to keep her weight down.

Q. Even in perfect health, occasionally breasts feel tender & sore, why?

Pain and tenderness are common breast complaints in women. Those problems may occur with or without a lump. Disease free breasts can be enlarged, painful and tender due to water buildup in the fatty tissues just before or during your period. Too much sodium (as from salt) in the body may cause it. In some women, the buildup is a habitual response to the natural rise in the hormone estrogen that occurs before menstruation.It is important to note that 80% of all breast lumps are benign and not cancerous.

Q. Is that true eating habits might be partly responsible for occasional breast discomfort?

Possibly, if one likes salty foods. Cutting down on salt intake is very likely to reduce water retention & pain.

Q. Is there anything else one should look for other than self-examination to Check for any unusual lumps?

A clear or bloody nipple discharge, pain, tenderness and redness, inverted cracked nipples should be examined. Some times the problems can be benign,other times they may be malignant. That is why prompt medical attention is necessary to determine the cause and appropriate treatment.

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