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Erectile Dysfunction Medications and Morning Erections


Many youthful men, and even some elder ones who haven’t found the right people to ask, are eager to know about morning erections. Most men have the experience, with a few regularity of getting up in the morning with an erection.

What Is A Morning Erection?

Morning erections referred to as “morning wood” and technically defined as nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) are a healthy and normal physiological response that nearly all men experience. Morning erections would be improved depicted as the tail end of a series of nighttime erections, as they are quite recently the last erection in a series.

Generally a strong male will have between three and five erections in a entire night rest, with each erection enduring between 25 -35 minutes.

Causes of Morning Erections

It is a general myth that morning erections are due to full bladder. This is not true. While the reason behind morning erections is unidentified, we do realize that the erections are intimately connected with REM sleep (the time in the night when you dream and brain activity changes). These erections are also related with an increase in heart rate. It isn’t identified for certain if the erections are a consequence of the other physiological alterations, more study is needed. Some recommend that morning erections are a way for your body to ensure the whole thing is in working order.

Absence of Morning Erections

Early study on morning erections did not discover a difference in the morning erections of elderly men when contrasted to those of more youthful men. More recent study has demonstrated a steady decrease in morning erections (some show only a decline in the inflexibility and length of time of an erection and not the occurrence of getting erections).

One of the reason morning erections attracted the interest of researchers was as a tool to rule out physical causes of erectile dysfunction. If a man cannot obtain an erection to his pleasure throughout sexual activities one of the first things a doctor will determine is whether or not he is getting complete erections throughout the night and in the morning.

If the absence of morning erections is accompanied by a lack of overall erections it suggests a physical over a psychological cause. If you are concerned about a visible change in your morning erections it’s something you may want to speak about with your doctor. However there are a variety of other factors that impact morning erections (include length and value of sleep) and a change in morning erections don’t generally indicate a serious problem.

Medicines utilized for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) including sildenafil (Viagra) and tadalafil (Cialis), can affect morning erections. Both medications, if taken the prior night before sexual activities, can result in morning erections, though morning erections take place more often when tadalafil is utilized. Of course there is no reason to take a medication just to obtain a morning erection, as morning erections, while they may be connected to overall erectile function are not necessarily a total indicator of function or dysfunction.

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