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Ending Premature Ejaculation Without Exercises


Enjoying sex longer is often just wishful thinking for many men. No matter how hard to you try to hold yourself back, you climax sooner than you want to. You’d love for intercourse to last a half-hour, maybe even an hour, heck maybe all night! You may have read about exercises to combat PE but you don’t have the time or interest to do them. There are some products on the market that can end premature ejaculation without exercises.

By using any of these products you can alleviate the stress and frustration that goes along with PE and finally enjoy longer sessions of sex without reaching orgasm within just a few minutes.


There are many brands of ointments you can rub onto the head and shaft of your penis that will help end premature ejaculation. They usually consist of an herbal blend and/or a harmless chemical than numbs the penis a bit, thereby decreasing sensitivity.  It won’t completely numb it, but will do it just enough so you won’t climax as fast.

The down side of ointments is you want to make sure you wash your hands well after applying it since you don’t want to get it into your or your partner’s eyes or mouth.

Natural Supplement

Mughal-e-Azam Plus is a completely natural remedy to delay ejaculation and promote a very satisfying and pleasurable sexual life. Mughal-e-Azam Plus is an herbal remedy that has a unique combination of potent herbs that help in delaying ejaculation, increasing erection and improving libido. It works towards prolonging your sexual intimacy with a healthier grasp of ejaculation control. Mughal-e-Azam Plus is formulated by a team of herbal researchers, health and nutritional professionals and pharmaceutical scientists who have looked after your sexual needs in the best possible ways! We are absolutely confident that Mughal-e-Azam Plus will work for you. With Mughal-e-Azam Plus, you simply need to sit and enjoy the results it guarantees. We claim – your sexual life was never bigger and better than with Mughal-e-Azam Plus.


Naturally, you should only get these from your doctor, but a lot of men have said that it helps with their PE. The reason antidepressants may work for some men who suffer with premature ejaculation is because studies have shown that in most cases men with PE have low seratonin levels in the brain. Antidepressants can help regulate these levels.  If you do climax too quickly you may want to talk to your doctor about possibly starting antidepressant therapy.

These are three of the easiest and best ways to overcome premature ejaculation without doing exercises or training your mind and body to control your orgasms. The first two methods are quick and easy and require no prescription, while the third one is a more drastic measure if all else fails and you want to finally put an end to your PE.



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