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Does Size Matter to Women?


The question, does size really matter to a woman is a rhetorical one. It’s like asking if gravity is important to them, the answer has forever been and always will be… YES! What about men, does size matter to them? That’s a no brainer, men have paid homage to the large penis in everything we’ve ever built. The Washington Monument towers over the Capital just as the Eiffel Tower stands proud and erect over the city of romance because size matters to everyone.

A lot of women will give you the classic come back that we all know and never want to hear. “It’s not the size, it’s what you do with it” which is a way for them to let us know we’re too small without crushing our fragile egos. But really, what can you do with it? There’s no special tricks to be done with a 4 inch penis that can’t be done with a 7 inch one. So unless you’re spinning plates and juggling chain saws with your small penis, it probably won’t impress or satisfy her.

Let’s face it, women love the feeling of being “filled up” and for many that means feeling stretched. This would indicate that perhaps girth is the more important measurement for a woman’s pleasure. Having said that let’s remember that, like other parts of human anatomy, the penis has a length to girth ratio and very rarely do you see one without the other. A penis 3 inches long with a circumference of 7 inches is more like a hockey puck than a penis! And no one wants a 12 inch long spaghetti strand penis either.

During arousal a woman’s vagina will lengthen to approximately 4 inches and continue to lengthen with applied pressure from the penis, and it’s this continued lengthening and pressure against the vaginal wall that give women the sensation of being filled. If you’ve given her everything you’ve got and she yells out “DEEPER” it’s a pretty good indication that your penis isn’t getting the job done.  So what’s the perfect sized penis for the average vagina? Let’s just say that a penis 8 inches long and 6 inches in circumference might just prompt that one little word that every man wants to hear from his partner… “Ouch”

When a woman says it’s not the size, it’s what you do with it, what they really mean is, as long as he’s a good lover the size of his penis isn’t a big issue. So having a small penis doesn’t make you a bad lover but the fact is, there are already millions of men out there who are just as good in the bedroom and also have a 7 or 8 inch penis!

So, having read this, the question that really matters is this. If you have a small penis and there was something you could do to make it bigger, would you?


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