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Testicular cancer: –

Cancer is a group of diseases in which malignant (harmful) cells grow out of control and spread to other parts of the body. Testicular cancer occurs when a tumor (abnormal over growth of cells) forms within one of the testicles. Testicular cancer is very rare & is seen in less than 1% of the population. Usually it is seen in young men.

A lump or swelling in one of the testicles. Possible local pain, tenderness, or lower back pain some times a feeling of heaviness in a testicles.

Modern doctors still do not know what cause testicular cancer. It occurs most frequently in young men between the ages of 15 & 35. Men whose testicles have not descended or dropped have a greater risk of getting testicular cancer.

The best way to identify testicular cancer is self-examination done once every month after taking bath. If during the self-examination you feel a hard lump on the testicle than you have consult a competent physician.

If treated in its early stages, nearly 100% of testicular cancer cases are cured. Unani herbal treatment helps you to cure successfully.

Venereal diseases or STD: –

Syphilis and gonorrhea apart, the most common is nonspecific urethritis, often due to a germ, chlamydia. Despite treatment, complications can occur in eyes and joints.

NSU: –

This is called as specific urethritis or nonspecific genital infections. Any inflammation of the urethra (outlet from the bladder) in which have been excluded such diseases as gonorrhea, syphilis and infection by larger germs such as trichomonas and monilia (thrush).

It is now the commonest venereal disease in the U.K. symptoms may include pain on passing water, soreness of the parts & discharge, but are milder than in gonorrhea. About 50% of NSU cases are thought to be caused by a virus like germ called chlamydia. Unfortunately chlamydia can cause serious infection in the eyes of newborn babies, as can gonorrhea.


After ‘AIDS’,this is the most serious of the sexually transmitted diseases i.e. diseases spread by sexual contact, due to a specific germ, a spirochete. The disease can be divided into well-marked stages. The incubation period is usually four to five weeks but may vary between 10 & 90 days. The first symptom (primary stage) is a small painless spot at the site of infection, usually the genitals but very occasionally else where such as the lips. This spot breaks down into an ulcer or small sore, oozing serum, which is highly infective; and the glands in the neighborhood often become a little swollen. The severity of this sore, or chance is variable; and it may be small and only temporary. From the site of infection the spirochete passes into the blood & is distributed through out the body. This is the secondary stage. Usually there is a generalized rash, which develop three or four weeks after the change and the glands in the other parts of the body may enlarge. The rash takes different forms, and may be associated with ulcers in the mouth and some falling of the hair. From the second stage the disease passes into the third, in which deep, painless ulcers, known as Gummata, may form in various internal organs & skin. In the late stages the nervous system is particularly liable to be attached. There may be a slow paralysis in which walking becomes more & unsteady due to degeneration of the spinal cord. In some other cases the brain is affected and there is a generalized paralysis together with progressive mental impairment.

Practically no organ in the body is immune, in the late stages of untreated syphilis. The heart may be damaged, the liver affected and vision lost. The course of the disease is slow and symptoms involving the nervous system may develop twenty or more years after the original infection.

Syphilis can be cured and early treatment is essential. It is dangerous & extremely foolish to stop treatment before your physician is satisfied that it has been sufficient


This is also spread by sexual intercourse. It is due to a germ, the gonococcus, which invades the sex organ and sets up inflammation. In the male, symptoms usually commence about four days to a week after intercourse, and there is sometimes some pain on passing urine, and may be yellowish discharge from the penis.

Gonorrhea can be rapidly cured but treatment should be started early to ensure the best results. Neglected gonorrhea can have serious consequences. It will cause a cute arthritis.

To neglect symptoms or try to treat oneself by on the counter remedies is to store up trouble for the future not only for oneself but also for others that may become infected.

Orchitis: –

Inflammation of the testes, the male sex glands. It usually results from an attack by germs & may occur as a complication of mumps. Another cause is gonorrhea the symptoms are pain & swelling in the testes and if these occurs there should be no time lost in seeking the advice of a physician.

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