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Natural Cure To Control Diabetes And Its Sypmtoms


Diabetes mellitus, often simply referred to as diabetes—is a group of metabolic diseases in which a person has high blood sugar, either because the body does not produce enough insulin, or because cells do not respond to the insulin that is produced. This high blood sugar produces the classical symptoms of polyuria (frequent urination), polydipsia (increased thirst) and polyphagia (increased hunger).

Diabetes Mellitus is principally a metabolic disorder in which the body is unable to handle its main fuel the glucose, the causative factors of this disease, however, include the sedentary habits, physical and mental stress and strain. There fore it is also known as a psychosomatic disorder.

The long-term elevation of blood glucose level damages the blood vessels heart, kidneys, nervous systems and eyes. Diabetes is associated with high blood pressure and coronary artery disease. Other factors associated with kidney damage include high blood pressure, urinary tract infections, foot injuries and infections. Legs have been lost because of negligence, which can be avoided by educating the patient about daily foot-care. Diabetic retinopathy may lead to diminished vision and blindness if not attended in time. Laser photo coagulation is used to prevent damage to the eyes. Some diabetic patients also suffer from the disorder of automatic nerves, which fails to regulate blood flow properly to the different parts of the body leading to disorders of various organs.

Maintain Blood Sugar Level Naturally With
Herbo Diabecon Capsule

There are great numbers of evidence suggesting that the use carefully chosen herbal remedies and dietary supplements can help to prevent diabetes and to keep it under control in those people who have already developed it. Herbal remedies, dietary supplements, and correct life style changes, all together in combination may reduce or eliminate the need for medication in diabetics. It also helps in preventing some of the tissue and organ damage associated with uncontrolled blood sugar levels.

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Herbo Diabecon capsule is a unique herbal compound and doesn’t have any side effects nor does it interact with any other herbs or allopathic drugs. Herbo Diabecon capsule is useful to control and cure NIDDM (Non Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus) and IDDM in Adult. Herbo Diabecon capsule works on every-one without any restriction on the level of the disease, what ever may be the history, beginning, one year, five year, ten year or any longer period, it works, works and works. But the effect of medicine and total duration of treatment will differs from person to person.
Herbo Diabecon capsule is an Ayurvedic Medicine made from natural herbs and doesn’t have any side effects or any interaction with other drugs. However the taste is very bitter, so for initially 7 to 10 days patient might feel some stomach upsets, many may feel mild loose motions for a week. For stomach upset, this phenomenon occurs when the patient is not habituate for taking any bitter test. Within a week or so the patient’s body will accepts the bitter test and there is no problem afterwards. For mild loose motions, it happens when there are some irregularities with the digestive system of the patient. Herbo Diabecon capsule first of all regularizes the digestive system. The system regularized within a week and there is routine life afterwards. Herbo Diabecon capsule doesn’t have any side effect and also don’t interact with any other medicines or herbs.Normally response of medicine will starts within 3 to 4 weeks, within this period the sugar level shows downward trend, and monitoring the improvement reduces the doses of hypoglycemic agent/insulin. (When a patient cut down the dose – then for a few days the sugar level will increase which will be again come down over a period of time).

Maintain Sugar Levels Naturally So That You Can Live Healthy and Peaceful Life!!

Herbo Diabecon capsule is being used in herbal medicine. This is widely used in alternative medicine, being marketed as having rejuvenating, healing, and soothing properties. It is useful in the treatment of diabetes and elevated blood lipids in humans. These positive effects are thought to be due to the presence of various compounds as constituents. This is used internally for healing and soothing of digestive conditions such as heartburn and irritable bowel syndrome. This is also found to be useful in heartburns etc. This is even used in soothing minor burns, wounds, and various skin conditions like eczema and ringworm. Herbo Diabecon capsule is also used internally to treat a variety of digestive conditions.

Herbo Diabecon Capsule is a combination of Herbal anti-diabetic herbs recommended for more than 50000 years in Unani and helps to act on different sites in different ways to effectively control factor and pathways leading to diabetes Mellitus. Herbo Diabecon Capsule is an herbal supplement which helps to correct the effects, besides the condition itself and correct the degenerative complications which result because of diabetes. It is safe and effective and helps to manage diabetes Mellitus.
Herbo Diabecon Capsule helps to overcome resistance to oral hypoglycemic when used as adjuvant to cases of uncontrolled diabetes. Herbo Diabecon Capsule may confer a sense of well being in patients and help promote symptomatic relief of complaints like weakness, giddiness, pain in legs, body ache, Polyuria and Pruritis
Normally the product can be taken by any person with any health condition, if the health is not much good, then medicine can be administered in cyclical manner (alternate day or on every three days), so the body can accept the medicine and then switch to regular intake of medicine.

Benefits of Herbo Diabecon Capsule

  • It is beneficial in all types of cardiac disorders
  • Balance insulin and glucose level
  • Reduce high blood pressure
  • Lower stress, fatigue and general weakness
  • Reduce serum cholesterol
  • 100% Safe & Effective

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Herbo Diabecon Capsule Ingredients Information

Our herbalist have selected most effective herbs to treat diabetes effectively. Herbo Diabecon Capsule is known as best herbal remedy for diabetes. Now you don’t need to go any where just call us and order your medicine now, Effective ingredients of Herbo Diabecon Capsule is mention below with compositions.

Ingredients Quantity
Gymnema Sylvestre 80mg
Vinca Rosea 60 mg
Curcuma Longa 80 mg
Azadirachta Indica 40 mg
Nigella sativa 40 mg
Momordica Charantia 40 mg
Syzgium cuminii 40 mg
Acacia arabica 40 mg
Tinospora Cordifolia 40 mg
Zingiber officinale 20 mg
Aloe vera 20 mg

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there any side effects of using Herbo Diabican Capsule?
No, there are not at all any side effects of using Herbo Diabican Capsule. You need not follow any special prescription for using this medicine.

Q. What is HERBO DIABICAN Capsule?
Herbo Diabican Capsule is very useful in diabetes. It is Safe, natural, and removes all kinds of diabetes. Diabican Capsule can be stopped totally but gradually and hence diabetes mellitus is said to be cured. Even if patient wishes he can take Diabican Capsule regularly once in a week until there is no need. During the entire treatment it is advised to check sugar level at the interval of not more than 21 days. And also after treatment period of 3 months it is advised to check sugar levels at least 60 days for precautionary measure.

Yes, it is absolutely addiction free.

Q. What is the direction of use?
One capsule twice a day with milk.

Q. How many times HERBO DIABICAN CAPSULES can be used?
The beyond belief action to Completely Cure Diabetes is specialty of this capsule. All you need to do is follow the instructions printed on the box.

Q. If I am not satisfied with the results, what will happen?
HERBO DIABICAN CAPSULES is sold with money back guarantee. Though it is impossible that this capsule does not do miracles for you, but if you still find yourself not satisfied with the results you can send back the packing of this medicine to us with an explanation as to why be you not satisfied with our product. We will refund your money deducting postal and shipping charges.

Q. After using HERBO DIABICAN CAPSULES, how much time it takes to see the results?
When you start using HERBO DIABICAN CAPSULES, with in some days you will decrease your glucose level. It can convert glucose into energy for cells.

Q. Is HERBO DIABICAN CAPSULES effective for every one?
HERBO DIABICAN has proved effective on all men & women of age from 18 to 70 years. This capsule has proved to be a boon for 100% men & women till date. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?

Q. How much time it takes to get HERBO DIABICAN CAPSULES?
We make sure that this excellent product from our Pharmacy reaches you within 5-7 days in any part of India

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