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Blow Your Husband’s Mind in Bed


When you want to spice up your sex life, do you turn to a new-fangled trend or reach for a sex toy? While that’s all well and good, some of the sexiest things in your arsenal are a bit more old-fashioned than what you store in your bedside drawer. “In today’s society, often we can think something has to be ‘new’ in order for it to be exciting, when that’s really not the case,” says sex expert Nikki Ransom-Alfred.

So put aside your porn-worthy ideas and instead whip out one of these good old-fashioned tricks when you want to please your new husband.

Flirt — a lot.

“Do not dismiss the power of flirting, no matter how long you’ve been together,” advises Ransom-Alfred. “Flirting tells your guy that you still find him attractive and desirable.”

Offer to make his wishes come true.

“Tell your guy, ‘I will do anything you want me to tonight,'” says Ransom-Alfred. “Every man wants to feel sexually desired and like a king in the bedroom. Knowing he is about to have his sexual desires fulfilled will send him through the roof.”

Give him a view.

“Bend over in front of him,” Ransom-Alfred says. “A man will never get tired of looking at a great bum.” And no one said you have to be naked to put on a show! “Drop something in front of him and bend over and seductively look back at him,” she says. “He will think it’s cute and get turned on by your ‘innocent’ tactics.”

Surprise him with sex.

“Sex doesn’t always have to be at night,” points out Ransom-Alfred. “Surprise him with sex in the morning, in the middle of the day or even in his office.”

Sleep naked.

“You don’t have to spend tons of money on expensive lingerie and costumes,” advises Ransom-Alfred. “Men are simple and will love that you came to bed nude and ready to get it on with him.”

Undress in front of him.

“Undress slowly in front of your guy and he’ll feel like he is watching you unwrap a special present meant just for him,” she says.

Make a request of him.

“Ask him to do something naughty to you,” says Ransom-Alfred. “Something as simple as asking for a sexual favor is a major turn on for men. He will be happy to oblige.”

Talk dirty between the sheets.

“Talking dirty in bed is nothing new, but talking dirty enhances sex for both men and women,” Ransom Alfred says.

Take the reins.

“Get on top of your guy in a cowgirl position and give him the ride of his life,” she advises. “He will love being able to lay there and receive pleasure from you while also watching you enjoy yourself.”

Go down on your dude.

“Ladies, we can do things with our mouth and tongue that our vaginas cannot do,” points out Ransom-Alfred. “And men will always, always, always love and appreciate oral sex!”


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