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beauty clinic, herbal facial pack,beauty treatment,beauty clinic in india, natural face care,face pack for beautiful skinEver since the universe came into being the female of the species has recognized the importance of her personal charms & the impact of her beauty & physical endowments. And she has been using all possible aids to attract & entice the opposite sex. Today not only women but men also more conscious about their appearance. As the time changes the concepts of beauty also change. In olden days- the yardstick of beauty was restricted to fair complexion, tallish built & large attractive eyes. Today apart from these concepts, much stress is laid on an attractive & impressive personality which includes the way of talking, walking, moving in society, choice of cloths & manners of every walks of life

People, around the globe, began to realize that synthetic & chemical beauty aids won’t do any good. Now natural, herbal products play a major role in beautification. But if your skin is not soft & flawless if your body is not proportionate or unhealthy, no amount of cosmetics is going to help you, however costly and effective they may profess to be. Cosmetics will prove futile to enhance your personality. You will have to enhance yourself to make the best of the basic element of beauty you possess.

Beauty is 70% mental state & body fitness cosmetics only help 30%. So we applied age old, time tested unani herbalism in beauty treatment.Our beauty treatment courses derived from the ancient, unani tradition, and upgraded through continuous research with modern scientific tools to suit one’s individual requirement of every men and women.

Our herbal treatment promises an ageless youth & eternal beauty for both men & women.

beauty face pack, herbal facial,herbal face pack,home face care, natural face care,face pack for beautiful skinThe face is our introduction, identity, personality and much more. The special face care can be achieved by taking steps in a sequence like initial cleansing, herbal cream massage, gentle steam, face packs and moisturizing. Daily skin and face care demands all natural healthy products for the best benefits. The face, and the skin on it, often rules how we feel about ourselves. Using natural herbal formulated skin care products, packed with nutrients to target your face and skin, is not only smart but can prove to be the best solution for any skin problems you may experience.

Healthy and supple skin is not so much of a dream if you take proper precautions and pay attention to your diet and exercise. Balanced diet, hydration and protecting from sun and wind should be a part of your daily regimen. Here are the four basic steps to skin care that are mandatory and cannot be skipped on any account, if you want a naturally glowing skin. It is important that you use the products according to your skin type.

In order to look good, you should take good care of your skin. Skin type and skin color may be different for different people but skin care is same for all. It is must for you to protect your skin from getting damaged due to ultraviolet rays and pollutants. If you will take overall care of your body then there are high chances of you never getting any kind of skin problems. As you grow in age, there are several changes that keep on happening in your internal and external body system. If you have taken good skin care then your skin will never reveal your age. In short you will look younger as you grow in age.

Four Basic Steps For Skin Care

1.Cleansing The Skin
Cleansing is quite essential to avoid acnes and other skin problems. Wash your skin often using a mild face wash and wipe off with a clean washcloth. It is quite important to get rid of any impurities such as dirt particles and makeup before going to sleep so that your skin can breathe properly at night. Use mild cleanser at least twice a day but make sure that it rinses away easily, does not cause skin irritation and do not wash away natural oils too.

2. Toning The Skin
Toners not only cleanse the skin further and help in removing any remnants of particles that you may have left behind but also cools, nourishes, hydrates and freshens up your skin. It tightens up skin and close up any skin pores that may have opened up while deep cleansing the face. Toners must be alcohol-free as alcohol dries off skin.

3. Exfoliating The Skin
Exfoliants remove dead cells from the skin, rejuvenate the skin and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles from the face. The younger skin that surfaces after exfoliation naturally looks more beautiful and glowing. These products usually have alpha or beta hydroxy acids to quicken up the process but do avoid the ones that are granular as they tend to damage the new skin too that is much more sensitive than the mature layer that it digests.

4. Moisturizing The Skin
Like our body, our skin also needs hydration and proper nutrients to keep it healthy. So, treat it with a good moisturizer and a broad-spectrum sunscreen with more than SPF 15 daily and night cream daily that helps the skin to balance and restores any damage that might have occurred to it overnight.

If you want a healthy skin, it is important for you to have a healthy diet, a diet that contains adequate amounts of vitamins, minerals & proteins. Natural moisture in the skin should be maintained. Environment & sun play a hide & seek game towards the skin. Somewhere it affects and in some way it do some good to a healthier skin.

Cure All Your Face Problem With Commander Face Pack

Skin care is essential part of our daily health and beauty regime. Skin care means taking care of each and every part of our body. Skin is the most sensitive part of our body so one must be very conscious while selecting any product. Our body care starts with our skin and using just only a moisturizer is not sufficient. Skin varies from person to person so for the dry skin one must use moisturizer at least thrice in a day and should eat lots of fruit and water.

For a beautiful and flawless skin it is necessary that you take care of it. If you do not want to go to beauty parlors for regular facials then you can try Commander face pack.Commander Face Pack is a herbal formulation. Commander face pack not only cleanses your skin but it also helps to maintain the firmness of your skin and its balance. Commander face pack is categorized for different skin types.

Face Pack for Oily skin

beauty face pack, herbal facial,herbal face pack,home face pack,face pack for beautiful skinOily skin care is a difficult topic to address. On one hand you need a certain amount of oil on your skin to keep it healthy and young looking. Natural skin oils are necessary to prevent problems such as dry skin. Oily skin is also less susceptible to the development of fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, and freckles.Oily skin is caused by over-active glands, which produce a substance called Asebum, a naturally healthy skin lubricant. When the skin produces too much sebum, it becomes thick and heavy in texture. It needs a thorough cleansing routine to remove the surface grime and unclog blocked pores.

Commander Face Pack rejuvenates, tightens and exfoliates your skin and brings that shine and radiance. Since strawberries have Vitamin C and a certain acidic properties they leave the skin sparkling clean. Breadcrumbs help to exfoliate dead skin while fuller’s earth will tighten the pores and brandy helps in adding some glow.

Face Pack for Dry skin

Dry skin usually results when skin fails to produce enough sebum to maintain a naturally lubricated surface. Dry skin often appears coarse, tight, dull and flaky, with visible lines and wrinkles. Hence dry skin needs extra moisturizing. This pack will help to maintain the balance of your skin. Oatmeal is very good since it acts like an exfoliater.Dry skin care treatments must be used when necessary to prevent dryness from robbing skin of its natural beauty and in order to maintain skin in good health. It is likely that most people have at one time experienced a dry skincare problem to some degree either on their hands, face, or other parts of their body.

Face Pack for Normal Skin

This type of skin is usually oily on the nose and forehead and dry around the eyes and cheeks. If you have more than one skin type on your face, it is wise to use products containing different ingredients to treat the areas differently. Cleanse the center zone with an astringent while dab the rest of the face with moisturizer. This pack will give restore the texture of your face and will bring radiance and glow to your skin. It also prevents enlarged pores and blackheads.

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