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Naturopathy does not deny the existence of bacteria they are inhaled from the air and ingested through are inhaled food and water. But the presence of germs in a human body is merely a symptom of a disease not its cause.

The great bacteriologist Dr.R.L.Watwins writes in his “diagnosis by means of blood” that the existence of tubercle bacillus in a person before he is afflicted with tuberculosis has never been proved even though this is the villain of the piece. The blood is the vehicle of the particular bacillus but it has never been detected in the blood. Many types of bacteria would be found in a human organism but they do not necessary give rise to disease. They are present in the atmosphere but all persons do not fall victim to them the reason according to human body to ward off disease. Naturopathy believe that it is the vital force in the body which fights the bacteria which need a breeding ground.

What better breeding could they find than dirty ill kept body?

D.John Frazer had published an article in the journal physician culture in 1919 based on his researcher in Toronto, which proved that bacteria did not generate disease. The shoe is on the other foot it is only when a human organism is afflicted with a malady those bacteria are born. Dr.Frazer spoke of umpteen experiments when daredevil doctor and other subjects were administered concentrated doses of bacteria supposed to be the causative factors of diseases without any ill effects. To produce diphtheria volunteers without any ill effects ingested pneumonia and typhoid.

The result of 150 experiments conducted between 1914 and 1918 proved the theory that bacteria did not cause disease.

One of the cardinal principles of naturopathy is that bacteria need a happy hunting ground of an ill kept and ill-looked after body. Injections administrate to destroy them merely add to the poisons already accumulated in the body which given birth to the bacteria. Naturopathy believes that bacteria help in fighting diseases and not in causing them. Bacteria’s are nature’s scavenger’s they would in fact only that organism which is rotten. Injected into a healthy organism they would die of starvation since they cannot eat anything that is healthy.

If allopathy is to be given credence bacteria cause disease but it has not been possible to banish disease by killing all bacteria. The situation is the same as it was when the apostle of the germ theory. Louis Pasteur came of the scene. Traditional medicine has identified many bacteria which are supposed to cause the various disease but the banishment of the causative agents has not put paid to the maladies which mankind is afflicted with the only sane way to deal with disease is the naturopathy way. The vital force of the patient has to be augmented to make him well that is the only way to eternal health.

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