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Leave 100% Wine, Rum, Caffeine and Wisky, Tobacco Gutkha Bad Habits

alcohol, drinking, booze, keg, beer, liquor, drugs, alcoholic, drinking problem, pressure to drink, peer pressure, drunk, intoxication, intoxicated, alcohol poisoningHashmi Unani Pharmacy has developed unani medicine to leave, wine, rum, caffeine and whisky, tobacco gutkha completely. Hashmi’s Antobacus capsule is a herbal treatment for alcoholism. Antobacus herbal treatment has shown result over the period of time. Herbal treatment has basic advantage, as they don’t carry any side effects. It is blessing in disguise for alcohol addicts, they can quit addiction of alcohol using Antobacus capsule treatment. Antobacus Powder treatment with no side effects is the most preferred herbal treatments to other types of treatments.

Features Of Antobacus capsule:

  • Protects the liver
  • Prevents Fatty Liver Disease
  • Treats and Protects Chemical Liver Damage
  • Restores the normal functions of the liver
  • 100% natural no side effects
  • Boon for long-term alcoholic or smoker

Herbal treatment for alcohol abuse is available. Antobacus capsule products usually contain herbs such as dandelion, black walnut hulls, milk thistle, cascara sagrada, and licorice root.Natural methods are being more and more incorporated in the treatment for alcoholism, as medical drugs have become stronger and harsher on the body’s already weakened system.

hot girl indian, hot girl kissing, hot girl only, hot girl picture, boobs in bras, sexy boobsAntobacus capsule being the only one unit in the world to provide people with the unmatched quality and efficiency of herbal – Powder which are manufactured under the most hygienic conditions is regarded as the best herbal medicine manufacture in the entire world.

Antobacus capsule used to break down or reduce the alcohol from the body. By breaking alcohol it removes the toxic property possessed by the alcohol. Hence Antobacus capsule is used to remove any toxins due to alcohol. Antobacus capsule is treating the damaged liver. Antobacus capsule is used in treating the liver diseases due to alcohol. Antobacus capsule helps to improve the liver functioning and helps in correcting the damage done to the liver.

After taking this treatment you can see the best result of your problem. Antobacus capsule will reduce your desire for alcohol. It will make your brain feel pleasure. It has no side effect. It will block the brain areas where narcotics and alcohol work. It will withdraw symptoms in people who take narcotics. Like many other diseases, alcoholism affects you physically and mentally. Both your body and your mind have to be treated. In addition to medicine, your doctor may recommend some psychosocial treatments. Antobacus capsule treatment can help you change your behavior and cope with your problems without using alcohol.

The effect of the Antobacus capsule on protecting damaged liver not only shows on lowering the serum, it also increases synthesize of liver’s glycogen and protein. It gives the liver cell total protection, also it has anti-oxidation effect. It increases the liver’s micro some cell. Antobacus capsule can protect the liver and benefit the gall-bladder. Antobacus capsule increases the liver’s ability to regenerate, and has protecting effect towards liver drug metabolism enzyme’s activity.

Ingredients of Antobacus Capsule:

Ingredients Quantity
Avina Sativa 50 mg
Garcinia Cambogia 50 mg
Centella asiatica (Gotu Cola) 50 mg
Zingiber Officinale 50 mg
Indian Ginseng 10 mg
Piper Longum 10 mg
Medicago Sativa (Alfalfa) 10 mg
Glycyrrhiza glabra (Liquorice) 10 mg
Eucalyptus 9 mg
Peppermint 1 mg

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is alcoholism a disease?
Yes, alcoholism is a disease. The craving that an alcoholic feels for alcohol can be as strong as the need for food or water. An alcoholic will continue to drink despite serious family, health, or legal problems.

Q. Is alcoholism inherited?
Research shows that the risk for developing alcoholism does indeed run in families. The genes a person inherits partially explain this pattern, but lifestyle is also a factor. Your friends, the amount of stress in your life, and how readily available alcohol is also are factors that may increase your risk for alcoholism.

Q. Can alcoholism be treated?
Yes, alcoholism can be treated. Alcoholism treatment programs use both counseling and medications to help a person stop drinking. Most alcoholics need help to recover from their disease. With support and treatment, many people are able to stop drinking and rebuild their lives.

Q. Are there any side effects of using Antobacus capsule?
No, there are not at all any side effects of using Antobacus capsule. You need not follow any special prescription for using this medicine.

Q. What is the significance of Antobacus capsule?
Antobacus herbal capsule is very useful for leave Wine, Rum, Caffeine and whiskey, Tobacco Gutkha Completely. It gives a new life to the habitual person of this bad habit

Q. Is Antobacus herbal capsule addiction free?
Yes, it is absolutely addiction free.

Q. What are the directions of use?
Antobacus herbal capsule twice a day with milk. OR Mix the Powder in food and give to the person.

Q. How much time it takes to get Antobacus herbal capsule?
We make sure that Antobacus herbal capsule reaches you within 5-7 days in any part of India.

Q. When taking Antobacus herbal capsule, must you stop drinking?
Quite possibly yes. For effective results you need to stop drinking.


I used Antobacus herbal capsule. because I value anonymity and because I was too nervous to make a huge commitment. Perhaps for those reasons I found it very effective and the fees are set at a level where they don’t become a barrier to seeking more advice. I found out enough about myself to know what I need to do to control my drinking and by and large I now can control my drinking!!
Nadeem , India

I am drinking for over 40 years and tried many different times and ways to stop drinking. I was skeptical about trying hypnosis but after taking Antobacus herbal capsule, I found that this worked well for me. After the month of taking this herbal powder, I haven’t drink and that was over 6 months ago. Thanks so much! !

I am a high school dropout with no job, no car, and no place to live. I was emotionally and physically bankrupt with no real ambitions in life other than drinking alcohol and using drugs. I always had the best intentions in life but could never seem to follow through because of my overwhelming desire to get loaded. I was utterly hopeless.

After a failed suicide attempt, I start using Antobacus herbal capsule, and didn’t know what to expect. After three and a half months, got a job, and went back to high school. I graduated high school and went on to get my EMT certification. Today I am a productive member of society, Life is good.

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